Apr 262015
Spuma di Mortadella

When somebody asks me what is my most memorable moment of my Europe trip a couple of years ago, my ten days in Emilia Romagna is hard to look past. With some of the most amazing food I’ve eaten, unexpected encounters with locals, and a private tour with the owner of an esteemed acetaia, I can’t stop thinking about my next trip back. I recently struck up a conversation with a friend that I was with when I travelled to Bologna and Modena, and it turns out that she is heading straight back there very soon for another foodie adventure. Naturally I was a bit envious, and it made me reminisce about my times in one of the food capitals of the world. It got me thinking about a really unique thing that I only continue reading

Mar 262015
The Gaya - Applecross, Perth

Korean food is not something that I’m intimately familiar with, but I am always very interested to try new things, especially at a place like The Gaya, which strives to use Korean flavours and techniques in a modern way. “Fusion” has become somewhat of a buzz word in the culinary space as of late, and is a word that describes accurately what The Gaya tries to do. Sometimes a little odd, and sometimes downright delicious, The Gaya has on offer what I’d certainly call an interesting collection of dishes. I’ll sometimes have a detailed look at a menu before dining at a new place, and other times I’ll go in completely blind. Tonight was the latter; although I knew that I should expect Korean sounding dishes, I didn’t really know much more. When we received continue reading

Feb 212015
Noodle Forum - Perth

Australia does Asian food well. Maybe adapted to our palates so not always completely authentic in the choice of ingredients and cooking methods, it is never too hard to find really high quality food inspired by the flavours and dishes of Vietnam, Thailand, Japan and China. One of the newer places to open its doors in Perth is Noodle Forum, in the Equus Arcade on Barrack Street. As the name would suggest, Noodle Forum is a haven for noodle dishes of Chinese origin. In fact, unlike many noodle joints, Noodle Forum makes its own noodles on site – leveraging this edge by having the process on full display as Erich Wong, the head chef, makes his star noodles behind a glass window, a skill he learned from his father and has been perfecting for over continue reading

Jan 252015
Chik and Kent - Perth

Chik and Kent – whose name pays homage to Chikmagalur, a region in India known as the “land of coffee”, and L.P Kent, an Englishman who planted the Doddengudda Estate – is an Indian restaurant situated towards the quieter end of Murray Street in the Perth CBD. It is one of the few places in the city centre that actually remains open on a Sunday, from breakfast to late night dinner. Unusual for an Indian restaurant, Chik and Kent becomes one of the city’s coffee hotspots in the early morning, with a convenient “grab and go” window from which coffee, cake and pastries can be purchased.     The breakfast menu has the standard mix of dishes, including eggs in any way, muesli, and toast. There are however a couple of more unique items, including continue reading

Dec 312014
Willie Wagtail - Perth

I was walking back home from Northbridge about a week ago and noticed this small cafe on William Street that I’d never seen before. I don’t know what it was, but it looked like the cooler sort of cafe; the sort that does good coffee with a unique food offering. I made a mental note to revisit when I had more time. That time was this morning, for my final breakfast of the year. With a very unassuming entrance (I almost walked right past without noticing it the first time), Willy Wagtail is one of Perth’s newest morning hotspots, located near the corner of Wellington Street and William Street. As of this date it has been open for about 2 weeks, so they don’t come much newer than this. Willy Wagtail prides itself on serving continue reading

Dec 302014
Sixteen Ounces - Victoria Park, Perth

Victoria Park has its fair share of very mediocre eating places, but it also has a bunch of really cool little cafes that do great breakfasts and brunches. Sixteen Ounces is on the Albany Highway and opened up earlier this year. Before going we had a quick look at the menu to decide what we would order for brunch – the obligatory check to make sure they did more than just the standard “big breakfast” and vanilla yoghurt with ordinary packet muesli. When we arrived and sat down, we noticed that the menu was quite different to what I had found online (I think I was looking at the Spring menu). No problem, though, because there was a larger range of dishes, and some interesting ones that I hadn’t really seen before. After yesterday’s minor continue reading

Dec 292014
Hopper Espresso - Perth

New places are popping up all the time in Perth, so I’m never surprised to come across a new restaurant, cafe or bar when I’m doing my usual back and forth between the shopping district and my apartment. Walking down the same road every time gets boring, so I sometimes try to change up the path. Today I took a stroll down Shafto Lane (between Hay and Murray) and noticed this new little cafe towards the Hay Street end. The name would suggest that coffee is their thing, however I noticed that they had a small range of lunch items. I hadn’t yet eaten lunch, so in I went! Before going anywhere to eat I can’t help but do a quick background check – Google search, Urbanspoon, Facebook page – to see whether I should continue reading

Dec 282014
An Edible Christmas Tree - The Macaron Tower Sort

We all remember that one fateful episode of Masterchef Australia where “the Dark Lord of the Pastry Kitchen”, Adriano Zumbo, was summoned to deliver a challenge that would truly test even the most experienced pastry amateurs – the macaron tower. Zumbo gained his notoriety after setting the croquembouche challenge in 2009, after which many inspired amateur chefs scurried around, calling every kitchenware store they could think of, to source a conical croquembouche mould. Having just moved into my new apartment, I found myself asking myself whether I could really be bothered with a Christmas tree. I’m not a Christmas grinch, but I don’t have all that many people coming up to my home, and my living space was already the scene of a battle for real estate between the sofa and the kitchen cabinet. I continue reading

Nov 082014
Abruzzese Rice and Celery Minestrone

Italian food is characteristic in its use of so few ingredients and simple cooking techniques to produce some of the most flavoursome dishes known. This hearty Southern Italian soup dish is a perfect example, and is something I keep going back to when I’m in need of a quick but very filling meal. Ingredients (serves 4 to 6) 200g celery, chopped 150g short grain rice 1 onion, finely chopped 1L beef stock 4 tablespoons tomato sauce 20g butter 4 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil Plenty of Parmesan cheese to serve Preparation Heat the olive oil and butter in a saucepan. Add the onions, cooking over a low heat until they become soft. Add the celery and the tomato sauce and allow to cook for 5 minutes Add the beef stock and bring to a boil. continue reading

Sep 132014
No. 4 Blake Street - Perth

Father’s Day breakfast at No. 4 Blake Street in North Perth. The dishes were generally unique, tasty, and looked amazing! Enjoy this brief photoblog of some of the unique dishes on the menu.