Food is more than just a life necessity–it is a medium through which people socialise, through which cultures are defined, and through which artists create. This is the basis of my food philosophy.

Who Am I? Chi Sono? Qui Suis-Je?

Engineer turned management consultant by day – amateur home cook and food blogger by night. I’m a 20-something year old guy born and raised in Perth with a love for food, cooking and entertaining. My approach to food summarised in three points:

  1. Italian food is my thing. I love and respect the simplicity of traditional regional Italian cooking, though I can appreciate modern renditions that stray from convention. My favourite recipe book is “Cucina Regionale Italiana” by Ada Boni.
  2. Recipes are good, but understanding is better. I appreciate recipes, but they hinder creativity and flexibility. Learn the fundamentals of techniques and flavours and create new things.
  3. Food forms friendships. There is nothing that I enjoy doing with friends more than sitting in a little edgy tapas bar in some sketchy-looking alley with some great wine. Food is a great medium through which to socialise.

That’s me.