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A short stay in Jakarta, with some great food

I came to the end of day one of my trip to Jakarta a little disappointed - I felt like I didn't "get" this city. Traffic, pollution, lackluster monuments and hours of walking around in the heat and humidity - I wasn't instantly charmed by the atmosphere, like I was by Rome, Seville or New York. Now, at the end of my rendezvous with The Big Durian (an apt name), I am sad to be leaving. It may have taken some time to realise it, but there is much to be loved about this sprawling metropolis. This post is intended to be somewhat of a rough guide for somebody looking for a food-centric tour of the city. Note that I only spent a few days in Jakarta, so I too still have much to do and see. [...]

  • Green Christmas macaron with pistachio buttercream filling

An Edible Christmas Tree – The Macaron Tower Sort

We all remember that one fateful episode of Masterchef Australia where "the Dark Lord of the Pastry Kitchen", Adriano Zumbo, was summoned to deliver a challenge that would truly test even the most experienced pastry amateurs - the macaron tower. Zumbo gained his notoriety after setting the croquembouche challenge in 2009, after which many inspired [...]

  • Some of the vinegars that Giorgio gave me to try, including both 12 and 25 year bottles aged in a variety of woods.

A Foodie Day Trip to Modena

Of all the cities to visit in Italy, one of the ones I was most excited about was Bologna, sometimes known as the food capital of Italy. The great food in Emilia-Romagna doesn't stop with Bologna, though. Only a short train ride of less than 30 minutes away is Modena, home of balsamic vinegar, and [...]

  • Cacio e Pepe at Da Enzo al 29 in Trastevere

A Few Things to Eat in Rome

I'll get to the point straight away: Rome is an amazing city in every regard, from some of the most delicious Italian food found in many of the trattorias, to the rapid segue from stunning architecture to ancient Roman ruins as you walk around the city. I spent six days in Rome, however I think [...]

  • Fresh tomatoes on display

Eating Madrid 2013

Dinner at bedtime and pastries for breakfast--the Madrid way of eating is a bit of a culture shock to those who like eggs and bacon in the morning and dinner by 6pm. I spent just under a week in Madrid, my first time in Spain, which gave me a great chance to explore the city [...]

  • Carciofi Ripieni - Stuffed Artichokes

Making Carciofi Ripieni with Nonna

The Italian cuisine is so diverse, and every region within Italy has its own unique take on cooking. What ties it all together, though, is the amazing flavours that come from such simple dishes, often with so few ingredients. Give an Italian some olive oil, garlic, tomatoes and some meat, and he will give you [...]

Two Weeks with the Thermomix

Last week I was asked by my uncle and aunt to house sit for them while they went holidaying in South Australia for a couple of weeks. I jumped at the opportunity, because the house is close to the city and university, and it would give me some peace and quiet to intensely work on [...]

The Scullery – Perth’s Most Expensive Degustation

What is the most you would pay for a meal? $10? $50? $250? How about $1250? I came across this newspaper clipping that somebody had shared while I was doing my daily social network rounds. The Scullery set to price it's top-end degustation at $1250 The owners of The Trustee Bar & Bistro, [...]

Eat Speak Write – Drum Roll Please

Welcome to the first entry in this blog! This is something that I have been meaning to do for quite some time, however, like many other things, it kept getting pushed out of the way by higher priority things on my to-do list (i.e. university assignments and study). Anyway, all that aside, here we are. [...]